2021 Ford Bronco HD Bumpers from Addictive Desert Designs

Addictive Desert Designs strive to be first to market with innovative truck parts with unrivaled fitment and quality. Each bumper by ADD is completely fabricated made in America from start to finish.

Addictive Desert Designs has been a major player in the Ford Raptor and Jeep market for many years and their quality has been well praised by those in the offroad world. All production is done in house, from laser cutting the material, to brake press forming to even their stringent standards of their signature black hammered powder coating. From the time that the metal is initially formed until the time it is boxed up for shipping, there are multiple quality control processes that are taken along the way.

ADD has already created renderings and initial design concepts for the new 2021 and beyond Ford Bronco. Not only will ADD offer bumpers for the sixth generation Bronco, but they also have concepts for removable doors, steps made for going offroad, roof racks and more. Though designed for the desert, Addictive Desert Designs products have proven themselves in the harsh environments of the east coast and midwest as well.

The first Addictive Desert Designs bumper that will be hitting the market for the new Ford Bronco will be the popular ADD Pro, which comes in two different versions. The Pro V1 accommodates up to six light pods or one 20″ single row curved light bar. The ADD Pro V2 will allow you to mount up to four 6″ round lights or two 20″ single row radiused light bars in a stacked formation.

The ADD Pro Bronco bumpers are direct bolt on designs that will accommodate the factory forward facing camera. If your new Bronco is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, they will also be offering a relocation bracket for the option.

Like all Addictive Desert Designs products, form and function are paramount in the concepts of their offerings. While each products is meant to provide superior protection for your Bronco, ADD does it right by creating a product that flows together beautifully with the body lines of your vehicle. Each bumper is built with 3/16″ steel plate and .120 DOM tubing for superior looks and protection.

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